Removable Implant Dentures Eat A Variety Of Foods
  • Remove your dentures for easy day-to-day care
  • Your new teeth will stay right where you want them
  • Visit us on Saturdays or early evenings

Smile Confidently With Removable Implant Dentures in Royal Oak, MI

Thanks to improvements in materials and manufacturing, dentures are more comfortable than ever. It is especially true when you get Royal Oak removable implant dentures from North Oaks Dental Implant & Sedation Center. By  getting your new smile from Dr. Alvin Daboul and his team, you can expect:

  • Precise and efficient treatment using 3-D imaging and an intraoral scanner
  • Trained, compassionate staff dedicated to providing you top-notch care
  • Wide-ranging office hours for your convenience, with early evening and Saturday appointments
  • Your choice of sedation options to ensure your care is relaxed and enjoyable
  • A guarantee on your work and financing as low as $119 a month for qualified patients

Call us today to schedule your free consultation: 248-220-7021. We’re located at 3107 S. Rochester Road in Royal Oak.

Get Superior Dentures Without the Hassle

Our team loves seeing our patients smile with confidence with their customized removable implant dentures. These modern dentures are more comfortable and perform better than conventional options. Since they are anchored to dental implants using a system of snaps and balls, they will:

  • Stay firmly in place when you’re eating and talking
  • Prevent embarrassing slippage or movement
  • Allow you to ditch messy denture adhesives

You’ll still be able to remove your implant dentures for cleaning just like standard dentures. However, you get to decide when they’re coming out. Daily care is simple, and you can pop them back into place when you’re ready. Best of all, you can eat what you want, comfortably and without worry.

Experience Comfortable Treatment & Precise Results

Your treatment will begin with 3-D imaging using our CBCT scanner. Using this state-of-the-art technology, we’ll see your entire facial structure, including bones and nerves. It allows us plan your implant procedure precisely to ensure a successful outcome.

Depending on your needs, we will place a specific number of implants per arch, usually two or four. You may even be a good candidate to receive your new teeth the same day without any waiting. We’ll discuss all your treatment options during your free consultation.

Call us today at 248-220-7021 to schedule your implant consultation. You can also schedule online. Royal Oak removable implant dentures will give you back your smile!

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Common Questions About Removable Implant Dentures

How much do removable implant dentures cost?

Implant dentures can vary in cost, depending on whether you choose removable implant dentures or dentures that stay in place, the materials they’re made from, and other factors. At your initial dentures consultation, we’ll gather the information we need so we can work up a treatment plan together and provide you with an accurate cost. You’ll know exactly what to expect before you proceed with treatment.

Can food get stuck under removable implant dentures?

Your removable implant dentures are attached to implants using a system of snaps and balls so they fit snugly against your gums. Implants also lessen the bone loss that occurs after losing teeth. That said, your gums and bone do change over time. When this happens, it’s possible for small bits of food to get stuck between dentures and your gums. You can remove it with flossing. For especially stubborn materials, you can remove your dentures for cleaning.

How many implants are needed to secure removable implant dentures?

Dr. Daboul considers multiple factors when determining how many implants are needed to secure your removable implant dentures. One of the most important is your jawbone density, which he can see with our 3-D imaging. Because bone in your upper jaw tends to be less dense than bone in your lower jaw, an upper jaw denture may require as many as eight implants. Dentures in the lower jaw can usually be held in place with fewer implants.