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  • Get implants even with a weak jaw
  • Save $500 on your treatment
  • Eat what you want by securing your dentures

Improve Your Life With Mini Dental Implants in Royal Oak, MI

If you want to secure your new teeth, but aren’t a candidate for traditional implants, you’ll love mini dental implants in Royal Oak. At North Oaks Dental Implant & Sedation Center, we’ll place these smaller-sized implants in your jaw to give you back a stronger smile. You can:

  • Regain a stronger bite to enjoy more foods
  • Save money with an affordable alternative to full-sized implants
  • Avoid the need for a bone graft
  • Heal quickly thanks to a less invasive procedure
  • Get your new teeth the same day

Call our team today to schedule your consultation: 248-220-7021. You’ll find our office at 3107 S. Rochester Road in Royal Oak, just down from Dairy Queen. Ask about saving $500 on your treatment!

Expect Faster Healing With Mini Implants

Just like traditional implants, mini implants serve as replacement tooth roots for patients who have lost teeth. We usually recommend mini implants when standard-sized implants are not a possibility. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll discuss if they are right for you. It’s ideal for patients without the bone mass to support implants, want to avoid a bone grafting procedure, or can’t afford full-sized implants.

You can expect many unique benefits from mini implants:

  • Less Invasive – These implants are similar in shape to standard implants, but half the size. They require less of your jawbone, so you don’t need a bone grafting.
  • Quick Recovery – Since the procedure for placing them is less invasive, you can expect a quicker and more comfortable healing process.
  • Same-Day Treatment – Most patients can expect to receive your new replacement at the same time as your implants, without having to wait.

Once your implants are in place, we’ll attach gorgeous new replacement teeth to restore your smile and strengthen your bite. Imagine walking out of our office with a set of beautiful new teeth after one appointment! You’ll be able to use your new teeth immediately. Plus they’ll be so lifelike that others will never suspect they’re not your natural teeth.

Call today at 248-220-7021 to schedule your free consultation. You can also make an appointment online. Mini dental implants in Royal Oak will give you the dream smile you’ve always wanted!

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Common Questions About Mini Dental Implants

How much do mini dental implants cost?

Although usually less expensive than traditional implants, the cost of mini dental implants does vary. We recommend that you come in for an initial exam and evaluation so that we can create a treatment plan and determine the exact cost of your procedure. We’ll be happy to answer any questions about mini implants so that you have all the information needed to decide what’s best for you.

How long do mini dental implants last?

Research and experience show that mini implants may last just as long as traditional implants. Once they are inserted into your jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone, they can last for several decades. In most cases, they will remain in your jawbone functioning as a base for replacement teeth without any problems.

How painful are mini dental implants?

The procedure to place mini dental implants is less invasive than the procedure for full-size implants. That typically means your treatment is quicker and more comfortable. Many patients receive nothing more than local anesthesia, though you can also receive dental sedation if you’d like. Mini implants also heal more quickly than full-size implants.