Implant Dentures Secure Your Dentures With Implants
  • Look attractive & youthful again
  • Ask about financing as low as $119 a month
  • Your teeth will stay in place without adhesive

Get a Strong Bite With Implant Dentures in Royal Oak, MI

Stats Image Over 36 million people in the U.S. are missing all their teeth. Source.
With the right kind of dentures, you’ll never have to worry about your teeth slipping out of place. Royal Oak implant dentures from North Oaks Dental Implant & Sedation Center can give you peace of mind like you’ve never had before. You can:

  • Enjoy teeth that remain secure and stable
  • Restore your confidence with natural-looking dentures
  • Eat more delicious and nutritious foods
  • Laugh and talk with confidence, knowing your teeth will stay in place
  • Improve digestion with more complete chewing

Call us today at 248-220-7021 to schedule your free implants consultation. Our office is located at 3107 S. Rochester Road, not far from Dairy Queen. We offer financing as low as $119 a month to help you afford your new smile.

Your Replacement Teeth Will Feel & Function Like Natural Teeth

If the only kind of replacement teeth you’ve ever had are conventional dentures, then you will love our implant dentures. Using dental implants as a base, you’ll feel more confident in your daily routine knowing your new teeth are securely in place.

Your custom dentures will attach to a bar that is secured to several dental implants. This setup will:

  • Transfer your biting and chewing forces to your jawbone, just as your natural teeth do
  • Allow you to taste food better since your palate is exposed
  • Keep your dentures from moving, slipping out of place, or making any clicking noises
  • Give you the freedom of trying new restaurants without having to worry about what to eat

In addition, unlike traditional dentures, your teeth implants will stimulate your jawbone. You avoid the “sunken-face” look that is common when you’ve been missing your natural teeth for a while. You’ll look younger and healthier without doing anything different! Best of all, we have an implant guarantee, so you can feel confident about your results.

Call us today at 248-220-7021 to schedule your appointment. It’s time to get your secure, stable new teeth with implant dentures in Royal Oak. You can also schedule online to make an appointment. Early evening and Saturday appointments are available!

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Common Questions About Implant Dentures

Who might need implant dentures?

If you are missing many teeth or even all your teeth, then implant dentures may be a good option for replacing your teeth. When you come in for your initial exam, we can assess your situation and let you know if implant dentures would be suitable for you. Many patients find that custom dentures are a great way to renew their smiles and bite.

Can I eat steak with implant dentures?

One of the biggest advantages of implant dentures is that they allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again – including steak. Instead of simply sitting on your gums like conventional dentures, implant dentures are attached to implants that are embedded in your jaw. So they give you a strong bite and chewing force similar to what you had before losing teeth.

Can implant dentures fall out?

Unlike conventional dentures, which sit on top of your gums and are held in place by suction, implant dentures are attached to a strong bar that is anchored by several dental implants. Your implant dentures will stay in place, with no adhesive needed. They also transfer the forces of biting and chewing to your jaw instead of your gums. This means you’ll be able to eat any kinds of foods you like, with no worries about your dentures becoming dislodged.